Meet Mel


Mel is a born and bred local Physiotherapist who completed her Masters degree at Flinders University in Adelaide before returning back to her home town.


With experience in both private practice and acute hospital, Mel has developed a keen interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions including low back pain, hip pain/injuries, knee issues, neck pain, and pregnancy/postnatal concerns.

Mel enjoys working with pre and post natal mums, assisting them to build strength during pregnancy and postnatally, as well as assisting with conditions such as abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic girdle pain, and pregnancy-related pain.

Mel considers herself a movement based therapist, but uses a combination of Pilates & strength, together with manual therapy, dry needling, and education to successfully treat pain and discomfort. Mel loves how Pilates can play such a positive role in changing and improving movement patterns, and allow us to connect our mind and body to create a strong body awareness. 

Mel loves moving her body through pilates, gym and HIIT, footy, and running (sometimes). In her spare time, Mel loves spending time down the river with her partner Callum and dog 🐾 Luna, reading, building their veggie garden, and adding to her indoor plant jungle and succulent army.